8 Foot Christmas Tree – Best Buying Guide & Honest Review In 2020

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Hey! Today I am introducing a new awesome 8 foot Christmas tree which is top leading in the market now.

You may be searching 8 foot Christmas tree review and buying guide. Well! You have come to the right place where you will get a proper idea about it. Basically, 8 foot Christmas Tree is best for indoor and outdoor because of its large size. You can also put it on – a shopping mall, company room, school. You can put it in the corner of your bedroom or drawing-room.

Must read if you are gonna buy the best Christmas tree. This is one of the best 8 foot Christmas Tree ever.

So without further due let’s get started-

Goplus 8FT Artificial Christmas Tree Pre-Lit Spruce Hinged Tree w/ 600 LED Lights and Pine Cones (8 foot Christmas Tree)

High-Quality Tree

Absolutely it’s a high-quality tree with good standing. You can feel the real tree when you place it on your home or outdoor. You will see Natural look and leaves with lighting give you another real look.

8 foot Christmas tree
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Leaves are Deep Green in color. Leaves Are long in shape and more visible to see. Absolutely plastic materials with soft in touch. It looks so colorful when all light is opened. There is a more colorful light you will find on the package. Sunlight color is so awesome at night. It’s like small stars. Some more flowers you will notice in leaves. But they are less visible.

8 foot Christmas tree light
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Pre-lit LED Lighting:

It has 600 LED star warm white light. Heavy energy-saving lights. You will see the perfect color light at night.


The foldable stand provides more stability, prevents breakage, and keeps your flocked tree standing tall for years to come. You will get all in the package. Tree’s body separates into 4 distinct metal-hinged sections to allow for easy assembling.

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Meet Your Different Need:

It has some different sizes in the market now. Sizes are now – 7 FT, 7 ft, 7.5 FT, 8FT and 8 ft.


It takes just take a minute to set up and take-down, and conveniently disassembles into 3 hinged sections for storage.


On Amazon, it stands with good reviews and feedback. It achieved 4.5 stars out of 5.00 (75 reviews). Amazing, right?

Some Customer questions & answers –

Question: Is this tree fire resistant?

Answer: Most artificial Christmas trees are made from PVC plastic. PVC trees are fire-retardant but not fire-resistant. This tree is made from PVC.

I’m confused. The description says warm white lights but several comments mention colored lights. Which is it? I don’t like colored lights!

Mine are soft white lights. I wasn’t given an option for colored lights when I ordered it several years ago. I’m not a fan of colored lights either.

Question: What is the diameter of the lower branches?

Some Reviews Of Customers From Amazon-

I absolutely love this tree, the colors are amazing! I haven’t even put any decorations on it yet and it’s still amazing. So easy to put up took me about 30 minutes or less. Since buying this tree my mom and a friend also bought one.

This is what I call a great buy, this pictures don’t do this tree any justice for real this tree looks so perfect and the pine cones are beautiful as well and well distributed. I am very happy with purchase and so is everyone in the family.

This is a super tree for the price! Can’t imagine anyone not liking this…Yes there are some nicer tree’s for hundreds of dollars, but for the price and for the fantastic light show you get with this tree and purple lights along with green accent led micro strands that look like pine needles that light up! It is colorful, cool with all the setting and the kids and grownups love it!!! Lights up a room beautifully!!! With ornaments on looks amazing….have flocked it once too and it was gorgeous!!!

Here we discussed the best 8 foot Christmas tree from our editor’s picks. Hopefully, you will get a proper idea about 8 foot Christmas tree. It will help you also to buying a perfect size and budget-friendly Christmas tree. On our web page, we talked about the best artificial plants for home decoration. Please check them out.

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