Bonsai Tree Cutting Method

bonsai tree cutting method

Bonsai trees are the best indoor plants ever i have seen. If you put it in your house/room, it looks so fantastic. Personally, I like the bonsai tree. I got many questions from my visitor that they wanted to know the Bonsai Tree Cutting Method.

Today I am going to discuss about it and let you know the best way of the Bonsai Tree Cutting Method.

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There are many kinds of Bonsai trees in the world. All the #Ficus #variety pens can be made in the Gut Pen method. Here is a Ficus Virus pen method.

(1) First, you need to select 3-4 year pulses of bonsai.

(2) Chowk has to be selected. It can be right in front or left behind. After that, the bucket will have to be cut down from the bottom a little.

(3) Chowk selection is necessary as the roots come out within a maximum of 20 days below the Chowk.

(4) For the gut pen, a sharp knife, a little soil and dung manure mix, some yarn and Secure.

(5) When the roots become brown, cut them with Secure or Hackshaw blades.

(6) Mix the normal soil with 5% and old cow dung with 1% well.
This way you can easily collect good trees.

Here I discussed the best method. I hope you will get an idea bout your query.

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