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pencil artificial Christmas Tree

Hey! You are probably searching for Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree. Finally, you come to the right place where you will get a to z proper idea and knowledge about Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree. Must read if you are gonna buy the best Christmas tree.

I will cover up why its the best in my small article. Please read our honest review of best flocked Christmas trees before buying Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree.

So without further due let’s get started 😉

pencil artificial Christmas tree
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We took it 2nd choice of best flocked Christmas trees. Check out our first choice of Pre-Lit Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree.

Let’s reveal why it’s our 2nd choice among of others.


Leaves are not green at all. White leaves with soft green color cover this. Less cotton size and leaves are so small in size like needle shape all. Absolutely plastic materials with soft in touch.


The foldable stand provides more stability, prevents breakage, and keeps your flocked tree standing tall for years to come.

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It has some different sizes in the market now. Sizes are now – 6 feet and 7.5 feet.


It takes just take a minute to set up and take down, and conveniently disassembles into 3 hinged sections for storage.


No lights. You have to buy your own.


Backed by a 5-year on the tree, 2-year on lights for years of quality use. Absolutely Free Shipping


On Amazon, it stands with good reviews and feedback. It achieved 4.6 stars out of 5.00 (49 Reviews). Amazing, right?

Some Customer questions & answers –

Does the flocking fall off?

When you are decorating the tree and fluffing the branches, I would suggest putting a sheet down to catch the flocking that falls off. After it is set up, the flocking remains intact.

Is it already put together or a bunch of different pieces?

The stand is one piece that is hinged so you just open it and the screws hold it secure. The tree itself is three pieces in descending sizes – bottom, middle, top. The branches are hinged and drop right into place so you can separate and spread out the individual branches to suit how thick and full you want the tree to look. Assembly took about 5 minutes for the stand and three sections. Fluffing will take 15-30 minutes depending on your aesthetics. Easiest assembly ever and it all folds back up nicely for storage. I’m so in lI’ve with this tree. Get compliments from everyone who sees it.

How much does it weight?

I’m not sure about exact weight, but it’s not heavy at all. I know my husband was happy I can carry the box so he don’t have to deal with it

Some Reviews Of Customers From Amazon-

I always wanted a flocked tree and this one didn’t disappoint. I chose it for the great price and small footprint (it fits great in my apartment!) It came in 3 pieces with a base and 3 screws that secure the base. I put it together and fluffed it out in about 15 minutes. The tree does NOT come pre-lit. Some of the flocking did fall off when I strung the lights, so I had to vacuum and change clothes afterward. This wasn’t a big problem for me and didn’t effect the look of the tree at all. The base is pretty sturdy. The tree tilted one direction just slightly. I have it sitting on carpet so that may be why. I stuck a piece of cardboard underneath it to even it out – easy fix. It’s a really beautiful tree! Go for it – you won’t be disappointed.

This pencil Christmas tree is awesome for small spaces it’s a beautiful tree it’s standing at 7 feet I bought a tree rotator it works great with it so you can’t go wrong with this product I truly recommend it ,you will not be disappointed

Love real Christmas trees, but decided to buy this tree for our living room where I’ll be hosting family this Christmas. It’s the perfect height, and it doesn’t take up most of the wall space, allowing for more decorations beside it! It’s very natural looking, easy to assemble, and transforms my living room into a winter wonderland! Saw a similar tree at a home improvement store for 40 dollars more. Great deal on a great tree!

Here we discussed the best pencil artificial Christmas tree from our editors pick. Hopefully, you will get a proper idea about Christmas trees. It will help you also to buying a perfect size and budget-friendly Christmas tree. On our web page, we talked about the best artificial plants for home decoration. Please check them out.

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