Pre-Lit Flocked Christmas Tree – Best Buying Guide And Honest Review

pre lit flocked christmas tree

Well! You are probably querying for best Pre-Lit Flocked Christmas Tree. Great, you have come to the right place where you will get a to z proper idea and knowledge about Pre-Lit Flocked Christmas Tree. Must read if you are gonna buy best Christmas tree.

I will cover up why its the best among of others Christmas trees. Please read our honest review of Snow Christmas Tree before buying.

So without further due let’s get started 😉

National Tree 7.5 Foot Carolina Pine Tree with Flocked Cones and 750 Clear Lights, Hinged (CAP3-306-75)

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We took it 4th choice of best Pre-Lit Flocked Christmas Tree. Check out our others flocked Christmas tree reviews. Let’s reveal why it’s our 4th choice among of others.


The leaves are dark green. White leaves with soft green color cover this. Sizes are pretty much perfect and leaves are so small in size like long needle shape all. Absolutely plastic materials with soft in touch. You will notice some circle shape flowers on it. Looks so nice when it bloom.

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Obviously lights on Snow Christmas Tree. Some more starlight covers it perfectly. You will see only one light color when you plugged it on electricity. Lights look like sunlight color. Absolutely safe in use in-home or outdoor. Mess-free and flame resistant.


The foldable stand provides more stability, prevents breakage, and keeps your flocked tree standing tall for years to come.


It takes just take a minute to set up and take-down, and conveniently disassembles into 3 hinged sections for storage.


It has only one size in the market now- 7.5ft.


On Amazon, it stands with good reviews and feedback. It achieved 4.5 stars out of 5.00 (429 Reviews). Amazing, right?

Some Customer questions & answers –

How full is this tree? Or are there big gaps. The picture looks very full.

You have to shape it. it has wire-like limbs that you need to be a bit creative and shape. if the tree came out of the box-shaped it would be a gigantic box. also you need to kind of collapse it a bit to get it in the bag I bought extra for storage….the tree is really beautiful

How much give is at the top? Is it the full 7.5 ft? I have an 8 ft ceiling.

Yes, it is 7.5 ft.
If you have an 8 ft ceiling, you have to calculate the star on the top of the tree, so it will not bend.

are the lights LEDs?

Thank you for your inquiry. The lights are incandescent.

Some Reviews Of Customers From Amazon-

This tree absolutely is the best money we have ever spent! Bought in November and all holiday season everyone told us our tree was the best they had seen! People didn’t know it was artificial until they got right next to it! I love that I can put glass ornaments on it without worrying the branches aren’t strong enough! It held every glass ornament just fine! Yes you do need to fluff it out and spend some time on it but it absolutely looks beautiful once done! Very happy with our purchase!!

I have been going back and forth on buying this tree for years. Finally did and am so happy! It is beautiful and very full. Different tones of green, different textures and the pine cones make it look as real as a fake tree can be. Yes you’ll have to flock it. But I agree with another buyer that it is easiest to do it by section. And there are three sections. Very pleased!

I grew up with artificial trees and wasn’t a fan. As an adult, I wouldn’t compromise and only purchased real trees. Since married, the holidays created a constant battle of real vs. artificial. I happily won the battle for years while my husband worried about the potential for fire and endless cleaning for weeks afterwards. Needless to say – this is a beautiful compromise. It was easy to assemble, looks like a real tree and has enough lights that I didn’t need to supplement. My husband is thrilled he no longer has to worry about a fire hazard (real tree) and clean up tree needles for 4 months after a holiday. We love it and my children love it.

Here we discussed the best pre-lit flocked Christmas tree from our editors pick. Hopefully, you will get a proper idea about Christmas trees. It will help you also to buying a perfect size and budget-friendly Christmas tree. On our web page, we talked about the best artificial plants for home decoration. Please check them out.
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