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best white Christmas tree

So many questions I have found from my subscribers to give an honest review of the white Christmas tree.

Basically, we reviewed most of the best things in the artificial product like- artificial plants, artificial Christmas trees, artificial grass, artificial flowers and so on. Also, we talked about house decoration essential products.

Artificial Christmas Tree Xmas Pine Tree

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So I am giving you today most attractive Christmas tree which name is Artificial Christmas – Tree Xmas Pine Tree. You know that in this current market now so much Christmas trees and brands are available there. Among of them Why I select white Christmas tree among of others.

Well! Let’s talk about the main reason why I selected this to review.

Firstly I am going to talk about the tree color. Naturally, it should be white as this name has white ;). But this white has some different things that you can look again and again. It has more ornaments and more colorful lights that look so awesome.

White Christmas Tree
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Naturally, it should be white as this name has white ;). But this white has some different things that you can look again and again. It has more ornaments and more colorful lights that look so awesome.

No green color is available in this white Christmas tree. Most likely to see snowing are falling above this tree. It’s the lighting and decorations so well organized. Leaves are like pencil shape but small in sizes.

Different colors of lights surrounding this tree. You can see this from the featured image of what it looks like when light is on.

It has a well standard white stand and it’s good enough strong. Lights are pretty big but look so jolly.

This has many sizes available on stock on amazon. Sizes are- 5feet, 6feet, 8feet.

Number of Tips: 350(5ft), 650(6ft), 950(7ft), 1138(8ft) Net weight: 4lbs(5ft), 6.8lbs(6ft), 1.0lbs(7ft), 12.6lbs(8ft)

Some features of white Christmas tree-

white-christamas-tree size
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  1. Eco-friendly raw material.
  2. Easy to set up -To finish the assembly of this tree it requires only 3 steps, after putting branches and metal stand together, all the tree requires you to.
  3. Strong metal stand.
  4. Perfect for indoor and outdoor.
  5. Obviously 100% warranty.

It’s average 3.9 ratings out of 5 from 348 active customer review on Amazon.

Some customer questions & answers-

White is the diameter of the tree at its widest?

The diameter of the tree is approx 5 ft at its widest. I love this tree! Its not too small and not too big. I have people ask me all the time where to find one.

How much does the tree weigh in the box?

About 6lbs or 5lbs. Very light and can be stored back in the box after every use

How wide is this tree?

best I remember it is about 3or 3 and 1/2 feet wide at the bottom. It was a nice size for a small tree. Pretty much covered the window which is 3 X 5 feet tall.

Is it safe to use lights on?


Some of the customers reviewed that will help you to think more about buying.

This is a plastic tree without any frills but it was exactly what I wanted.
The metal bendable branches are about half-filled with faux needles. I folded mine in half and down and it made a decent slimline tree. It did take some work but for the $35 price, it’s awesome.
See my pictures. This is the 8-foot option.
Update: as soon as I pushed the tree back into position the topper snapped off at the square peg base. I was able to fix it pretty easily with hand tools but it shouldn’t have broken.

I wanted a white tree this year but didn’t want to spend $100 on a tree. I found this 7ft one on here for around $30 and it’s PERFECT for the price!! It’s actually really great quality, even better than some $70 artificial trees I’ve seen. For the reviews saying the tree isn’t ‘full’ and they look like ‘twigs’, you need to FLUFF out the tree!!! It takes a good hour to take EACH individual branch out and fluff it the way you want. You can bend the branches up or down and out how you want it. It’s perfect and exactly what I wanted. INCREDIBLE deal!

A fantastic tree for the $. I laughed at first when I opened it. After a lot of fanning it’s lovely. It’s a true full 8 foot tree. I like how it’s NOT pre lit. Bc prelit lights go out it’s a pain n ass to take lights off. ( never again ). I’m needing more ornaments … 🙂 This a great buy !!!!

So I personally recommended you to check this full details on amazon. If you have any question regarding this please feel free to comment or contact.

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